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Ken Marsh Trophy 2022

Enter the Southampton & District  Ken Marsh Trophy 2022

The End of Season Club knockout

Entry restricted to Members of Southampton & District Bowling Association.

The Ken Marsh Trophy

 This knockout competition is run by the Competition Secretary.
The competition is open to one team from each club in the association.
Entries for the competition will be accepted up to four weeks before the end of the league season, when the draw for the first round ties will be made.
Should a club withdraw before the start of the competition, then the opposing side will receive a bye in the first round. The final will be played at Banister Park, the home green of Ken Marsh, on a date to be arranged.

  • Each team shall consist of four rinks of fours; two rinks to play at home and two away on the same night. It is important that arrangements are made for the home and away rinks to be in telephone contact.
  • Competition to commence in the week following the end of the League programme. Each round, except the finals, shall be played in successive weeks.
  • Start time, evenings of play and period of grace.
  • Start of play. Except in the final, the visiting side shall take possession of the mat at the beginning of each game. In the final, the team captains shall toss a coin for possession of the mat.
  • Scoring and number of ends to be played. The aggregate number of shots scored by the four rinks forming a team shall decide the winner to go through to the next round. All rounds, up to the final, shall be played over 16 ends.
  • Trial ends. Shall be played in all rounds including the final. These may be waived if both teams agree.
  • Inclement weather. In the event of inclement weather each of the rinks in competing teams may play 10 ends. This must be agreed by the captains before the start of a match and will constitute a match.
  • Green not fit for play. Only in the event of a green being declared unfit for play or in circumstances when it would make it unsafe to play shall a game be postponed. Should a game be postponed: Before play commences on either green; then the whole game shall be postponed. After play has commenced on both greens, then if play is postponed on one green, play may continue on the other green. Any game which is postponed must be played/completed before the following round. In the event that play is postponed on either green, it shall be resumed on the same green and at the point at which play was postponed.
  • Notification of results. The scores for each round are to be entered online through LeagueRepublic on the same evening on which the matches are played.
  • Tied games. In the event of a tie at the end of a match an extra end shall be played. Before the start of the game, the captain of the first drawn team shall nominate which rink will play the extra end. The nominated rink may be on either green.
  • Resolution of disputes. Any disputes between teams should be referred to the League Secretary for resolution. If necessary, he may consult with the Executive Committee. The League Secretary’s decision shall be final.

Except for the final, each round shall be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The start time will be 6 pm with 15 minutes grace being allowed. Any rink failing to be available to start within the period of grace shall forfeit their game, and 10 shots shall be awarded to the opposing rink which shall be added to that teams score.

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